Common Questions About High Manganese Steel (Manganal)

High Manganese Steel (Manganal) is perhaps one of the most unique and exceptional types of specialized steel on the market. However, if you mention ‘Manganese’ to anyone outside of the world of metallurgy, you’ll likely be met with a blank stare.

To help you to understand just how exceptional our High Manganese steel (Manganal) is, we have assembled a list of the most common questions that customers tend to ask:


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The Language of Strength: Understanding the Mechanical Properties of Steel

When it comes to steel, the mechanical properties of the grade of steel can often mean the difference between a long, efficient life in the most abrasive and wear-intensive applications, and frequent or even catastrophic failure. Understanding these properties is absolutely essential when selecting the best grade of abrasive-resistant steel for your application. Unfortunately, these mechanical properties are very specific, and their exact metallurgical definitions are not widely known outside of metallurgy. (more…)

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