The Importance of an ISO Certification

What Does ISO Stand for?

Customers often inquire about our ISO Certification. ISO stands for “International Organization for Standardization”, despite the fact that the letters are out of sequence. The name in different languages results in different acronyms. Thus, all 164 countries (who use ISO) agreed to use the ISO designation. (more…)

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Waterjet Cutting as a “Value Added” Fabrication Option

What Is a Waterjet Cutter?

A waterjet cutter is a versatile industrial tool that can be used to cut a wide variety of wear resistant steels and other materials such as wood and glass. The waterjet cuts through material by combining a very high-pressure jet of water with fine particles of garnet (60,000 to 90,000 psi). This combination “gouges out” or removes tiny particles of the wear resistant steel, which effectively makes the cut. Water alone with no garnet can be used to cut softer material such as wood, plastic or rubber. (more…)

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