Hardness vs Hardenability

When discussing abrasion resistant steel two terms that will often come up are ‘Hardness’ and ‘Hardenability,’ and while they may sound like the same thing because they have the same etymological root, they refer to very different aspects of abrasion resistant steel. While hardness is a characteristic of steel, hardenability describes the ability to do it. (more…)

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Stress Relieving, Normalizing, Annealing & Their Effect On Wear Resistant Steel

Heat treating is a process used to change chemical and mechanical properties of wear resistant steel produced in its original form. A common example of this is heating the material to high temperature, quick cooling with water or oil (Quenching) and then re-heating at lower temperatures (Tempering).

Annealing, Normalizing and Stress Relieving do not involve any Quenching or Tempering. (more…)

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