ENDURA is a high-performance wear resistant steel, exhibiting a wear resistance 50% higher than conventional 500HB water quenched steel, combined with excellent weldability and very acceptable workability.

What Makes ENDURA Wear Resistant Steel Unique?

The moderate hardness of ENDURA in the as delivered condition makes processing operations like cutting, machining and forming easier and far better than ordinary water quenched steels. When in service, ENDURA strongly improves its wear resistance by a surface hardening effect of about +70 HB under the action of local plastic deformations caused by impact with rocks or pressure by the abrasive particles.

ENDURA is ideal for applications in mines and quarries, cement and steelmaking industries, public works and agricultural machinery. In the toughest industries such as mining and earth moving, a higher resistance to wear and impact abrasion translates to increased service life of wear parts and components made of ENDURA against conventional water quenched steels.

As a result of ENDURA’s high resistance to wear, significant costs saving benefits are achieved to plant maintenance budgets. The grade is suitable for all types of abrasion, sliding or impact, dry or wet environments, and includes operating temperatures of up to 350-450°C.

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