About Titus Steel

Titus Steel History

Titus Steel began in 1957, working out of a small warehouse and office in Toronto, Canada. The company initially supplied wear steel castings to the construction and mining industry. Shortly thereafter, Titus Steel partnered with a local steel mill to roll a variety of grouser bars to rebuild crawler tractor pads for various construction clients.

Over the years, Titus Steel added several exceptional wear and impact resistant products to its roster, including Manganese and ENDURA wear plates and bars sourced from specialty steel mills in Europe. The company also began to source armor plates from northern Europe and a number of exclusive mold and die steels from Japan.

In the early 1970s, Titus Steel designed, developed, and tested a heavy-duty, high-performance Rock Injector Pile Point used to protect and seat steel piles being driven into sloping rock in the Precambrian Shield. This innovated pile point continues to be used by governments and geotechnical engineers across North America.

Since then, Titus Steel has grown significantly, moved into larger facilities, and expanded into offices and warehouses across Toronto, Ontario and Cartersville, Georgia.

Titus Steel Today

As experts in the field of wear and impact resistant products, Titus Steel offers solutions that enable customers to reduce downtime, increase payload, and protect their employees.

We are driven by quality and innovative solutions while building lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Customer Satisfaction

When you choose to work with Titus Steel, you are guaranteed the following:

  • You will receive your quote within one hour, unless complicated fabrication is involved.
  • Your inquiry will be handled immediately after the initial phone call.
  • Clear product information is promptly delivered in digital format.
  • A standard turn-around time of 24 hours for delivery of “off the shelf” products.
  • An immediate notification if there are issues of any kind.
  • If a product is not available, we will suggest an alternative source.
  • Any issues are handled responsibly, promptly, and resolved to the best of our ability.

Delivery Guarantee

Titus Steel delivers next day to all southern Ontario, including Kitchener, London, and Windsor. Deliveries to northern Ontario, including North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste, Marie, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Quebec City, Noranda, and Val-d’or takes 2 days. Deliveries to western Canada, including Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary, take 3 days.

At Titus Steel, we know that service is the key to success, which is why we always prioritize our customers and never compromise on quality and innovation.

We are your “Wear & Impact Steel Specialists.”

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