AR 400 Steel Vs. AR 500 Steel – What is the Difference?

Abrasion Resistant (AR) steel contains carbon and alloys that make it harder than other types of steel. They are also less formable and not as weather resistant. However, their hardness contribute to AR steel being the preferred product in industrial manufacturing, mining, and construction, where abrasion and wear-and-tear are common factors.

AR 400 and AR 500 steel plates are two of the most popular abrasion resistant steel plates in the world. AR 600 is also part of the same family but not as popular as it is prone to cracking.

The numbers (i.e. 400 – 500) within the names of the different steels refer to the Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) – the material’s level of hardness. The Brinell scale measures the size of the indention (penetration) left when a steel ball is dropped on the surface of the plate. The deeper the penetration, the softer the steel.

What are AR  400 Steel Plates?

AR 400 is an abrasion resistant steel that has a hardness between 360 BHN and 440 BHN. It is normally used in instances where there is impact abrasion, because it is softer and less brittle than AR 500. AR 400 steel plates are also commonly used for truck body liners, bucket liners, quarries, etc.

What are AR  500 Steel Plates?

AR 500 is similar to AR 400, but 25% harder because it contains more carbon. The hardness range of AR 500 is between 470 BHN and 530 BHN, making it more brittle than AR 400. This contributes to AR 500 steel plates being used in shoots and conveyors, where there is more sliding abrasion. It is also used in ballistic armoring for personnel carriers, shooting ranges, and live fire training facilities.

ENDURA and ENDURA Dual Options

Titus Steel offers AR 500 and AR 600, as well as its signature product offering, ENDURA and ENDURA Dual. ENDURA and ENDURA Dual start off with a low hardness of 430 BHN, meaning they’re easier to bend, form, shape, or machine. But with impact, ENDURA and ENDURA DUAL work-harden up to 550-560 BHN.

ENDURA and ENDURA Dual are top choices in many industries because they are easy to process, weld, with low hydrogen rod, no pre or post heating, work harden, are competitively priced, and are extremely tough and abrasion resistant.

To learn more about our unique product offerings, including AR 500 steel plates, ENDURA and ENDURA Dual, contact us, your Wear & Impact Steel Specialists.