Custom Steel Processing | Contract Cutting & Fabrication | Wear-plate Cutting and Fabrication

Custom Steel Processing

Titus Steel offers custom steel fabrication services complete with cutting, burning, forming, welding and machining. You provide the steel and we will process or fabricate to your drawings, or we will provide the steel and drawings according to your specifications.

Our team offers an unparalleled level of technical knowledge, 60 years of experience and support.


Contract Cutting & Fabrication

Plate to parts in seconds

Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting

  • Plasma cutting underwater to reduce HAZ
  • Quad Zone 132″ X 528″ cutting table
  • 4 head Oxyfuel cutting up to 6″
  • Sharp high quality cuts


Water Jet

  • Large capacity table, loading area 166” x 83:” (4220mm x 2110mm)
  • Accuracy 0.004” (0.1mm)
  • Max Speed 20” per minute (510 mm/min)


Saw Cutting

  • Large capacity saws up to 27” diameter
  • Shuttle multiple parts for faster processing
  • Saw the most exotic steels into parts with special high speed cutting blades



  • Mig/Tig/Sub-Arc/SMAW
  • Sand blasting & primer painting


Milling & Machining

  • Mill and machine parts up to 600 bhn
  • Direct drive 3 axis spindle
  • 8′ X 8′ gantry
  • Custom Fixturing
  • Weld preparation and chamfering


Blast & Paint

  • Blast and clean plates, paints, implements etc.
  • Paint multiple plates and parts
  • Fast turn-around


Drilling/Tapping/Counterbore & Sinking

  • Through drill cooling for drilling up to 600 BN


Engineered Services

  • AutoCad design to CNC code for plasma cutting and machining of complex profiles


Press Brake Forming

  • 750 ton capacity up to 12′ in length
  • Accurate bends in high strength/hardness steel

We cut/fabricate all grades, shapes, sizes & thickness to your specification. Rush ordered are welcome. Fast turnaround.

Wear-plate Cutting and Fabrication

  • AutoCAD design to CNC code for plasma & machining
  • QuadZone 100″ x 288″ cutting table
  • 4 head Oxyfuel cutting up to 6”
  • Water submerged plasma cutting for reduced HAZ
  • Fast turnaround
  • Custom profile cutting of all wear grades (ENDURA, Manganese, AR400/500, or other)
  • Profiles complete with holes, patterns
  • Specialty perforated wear plates, liners, blades, etc.

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