MIL-A-12560 Military Grade Steel Plate

MIL–A 12560 steel plate is a military spec armor steel plate that is approved for use in combat vehicles and for ammunition testing.

The heat treated plate is designed for both good ballistic resistance as well as defending against IED (improvised explosive devices).


  • Armor steel plate approved at the Department of the Army for use in combat vehicles and for ammunition testing.
  • Available in four classes: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4. (See below)
  • Class 4 can be purchased as 4a or 4b.
  • Surface hardness varies by class and plate thickness.
  • Sold plates are DFARS compliant and include full certification documentation.
  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and UL testing available upon request.

MIL-A 12560 heat treated plate includes four Classes:

  • Class 1 – For resistance to penetration
  • Class 2 – For resistance to shock
  • Class 3 – For evaluation only. This Class of heat treated plate is not used on vehicles
  • Class 4 – For maximum resistance to penetration

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