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Grouser Bars

Lost traction and power because the track shoes on your heavy equipment have worn down? Worn track shoes mean lost productivity.

One option is to replace the entire shoe. However, that is expensive – in both time and money. A better option is to re-grouser – replace only the worn bar(s) across the length of the shoe itself. It is an affordable, efficient way to restore the traction and grip and be productive in the field – and at a lower cost than a new shoe. However, the right grouser bar must be used.


TITUS GROUSER BARS are actually harder than the original bar. They maximize uptime, increase traction and grip, minimize maintenance downtime and increase payload while also helping to ensure the safety of operators.

Titus Grouser BarsTitus Grouser Bars

  • High carbon steel grade, alloyed with manganese, chromium, and nickel
  • Provides long wearability for crawlers, dozers, excavator tractor pads
  • Available in regular-duty and extreme heat-treated bar
  • Provides better grip, pushing power on pads
  • Can be applied by various welding methods, while pads are on tractor
  • Grouser replacement treads on tracked vehicles
  • Hard-rock mining, extreme tar sands operations, forestry
  • Will fit most models (Case, Cat, John Deere, Kobelco, Komatsu, Volvo, etc.)

Grouser Bar Sizes

Standard Bars

Size NoTK-1TA-2TC-5TF-7
Weight lb/ft1.90 Ib/ft. (0.86kg.)2.95 Ib/ft (1.34 kg.)3.95 Ib/ft (1.8 kg.)5.5 Ib/ft (2.5 kg.)


Size NoTZ-10TZ-10XTZ-12 ES
Weight lb/ft7.0 Ib/ft. (3.2 kg.)10.5 Ib/ft (4.8 kg.)14.2 Ib/ft (6.5 kg.)


The following handy chart indicates the number of Ft. of TITUS Grouser Bar required.

NOTE: Bars come in 10ft lengths (Chart based on cuts per bar length).

NO. OF GROUSERS606264666870727476788082


Note: Size of GROUSER BAR to use depends on how much the original Tractor Pads have become worn.

However the following general guide can be accepted.

Tc-5, TF–7, TZ–10, TZ–10XCat. D8, D9, – International T.D. 24, 25, 30

Allis Chalmers HD20, 21A Euclid C3

TA-2Cat. D7, D8, – International T.D. 18, 20


Allis Chalmers H.D. 11, 16, 19, 20 Euclid C6

TK-1Cat. D4, D6, – International T.D.6, 9, 14, 15


Allis Chalmers H.D. 5, 6, 9


Please refer to this reference guide to replace your grouser bar.

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