A revolutionary, patent pending, Cold Work Die Steel that outperforms all other Matrix type steels.


DCMX is a matrix-type cold work tool steel: only fine carbides are distributed in matrix due to optimum alloy design and production process.

DCMX shows high performance in service and ease in mold making as well.

Die Performance

High hardness such as 62 HRC is available by high temperature tempering with good dimensional stability, resulting in high wear resistance.

High toughness helps to prevent cracking and chipping.

Ease in Die Making

Isotropic dimensional change works easy geometry control in heat treating.

Machinability is improved by free machining additives and finely dispersed carbides.

Main Applications

Punches, dies and working tools for cold pressing and cold forging, especially for:

  • Cold stamping dies for high strength steels
    • Where galling and peel off of coated layer, TD and CVD, are main failure modes
  • Insert blocks for composite stamping dies
    • Where good dimensional stability is required in dies alignment
  • Blanking punches and trimming edges
    • Where main failures are cracking and chipping

Heat Treat

Optical Micrographs (Annealed)

DCMX shows fine microstructure almost free from coarse carbides:

Tempering Hardness

Dimensional Stability


Fatigue Properties

Machinability (Annealed)

Wear Resistance (Ohkoshi-test)

TD Coating

TD coating: By courtesy of DOWA Thermo Engineering.

 CCT Diagrams

Physical Properties

Comparison of properties among Daido cold work die steels:

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