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DH2F Steel

A modified H13 mould steel, pre-hardened to 37-41 HRC with exceptional machinability


Unique Characteristics of DH2F Steel

  • 38-42 HRc hardness.
  • Through hardened for exceptional dimensional stability.
  • Cuts mold making costs by reducing man hours required for machining. Classified as a “free-machining” steel.
  • Ideal for complex, precision molds and parts susceptible to distortion and/or deformation without needing additional heat-treating.
  • Ideal for Ion-nitriding.

Applications for DH2F Steel

  • Molds for plastics
  • Diecast die components
  • Plunger tips, sprue bushings
  • Diecasting dies for aluminum and zinc
  • Dies for aluminum extrusions
  • Press dies
  • Dieplate strippers
  • Machine parts


DH2F has a machine rating of 65 out of 100, with 100 being the best rating for pre-hardened mold steels. (For comparison, P20 at 30 HRc has a machine rating of 50.)

DH2F’s superior machinability means extended tool life.

A positive rake cutter with a concave face and chip breaking edge works best.

DH2F (modified H-13, pre-hardened)


Surface treating gives DH2F enhanced abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Erosion testing: An annealed .591″ dia. x .787″ sample is weighed before and after soaking in an aluminum bath at 1,292°F for 30 hours.

DH2F is a resulfurised steel and sulfur can affect polishing. We recommend contacting International Mold Steel if you are considering SPI #2 or better polish.

The same filler material that is used for typical H13 is recommended for DH2F.

  • Pre-heat temperature: 575-650°F
  • Post-heat temperature: 750-1000°F

Note: Double tempering or drawing is recommended after welding. This procedure, sometimes known as color matching, should be done at 1070-1120°F

Heating should never exceed 1160°F, or material softening and dimensional distortion will take place.

Average coefficient of Thermal Expansion for DH2F and H-13

Hardening: 1886°F, air-cooling
Tempering: 1166°F x 1 hr.
Hardness: 40 HRc

The material, as delivered, does not require heat-treating. This data is presented merely for reference.

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