TOOLOX®33 is a quenched and tempered tool steel designed to have low residual stresses. It is characterized by its extremely good machinability and is pre-hardened to 33 HRC. The steel has excellent polishing and photoetching properties. Applications include:

  • Plastic molds
  • Rubber molds
  • Bending tools
  • Machine components


  • Especially suited for plastic molds and rubber molds, having excellent polishing and photoetching ability.
  • Supplied in plate thickness 3/4” – 5 1/8”.
  • Hardness 30-35 HRC.


Hardness (guaranteed values) HBW 280-330 (Approx. 30-35 HRC)
Impact properties (guaranteed values) Testing temperature °C 20-400°C


Impact energy, Charpy-V, longitudinal direction; min. ft. lbs. < 74-133

Tensile properties (calculated values) Tensile strength approx. 130 – 142,000 PSI
Milling (calculated values)


At cutting speed of 300 m/mm, feed 0.15 mm, 10 min. effective cutting time using a Sandvik Coromil 200 and inserts GC 1025


We guarantee max 0.3 mm edge wear

Ultrasonic insp. (guaranteed values) Discontinuities giving echoes at least equivalent in amplitude to flat bottom hole 1.5 mm shall be reported according to SSAB Standard V6
Etching properties (guaranteed values) TOOLOX 33 fulfills the demands according to NADCA 207-97
Dimensions (preliminary) TOOLOX 33 is supplied in plate thickness 3/4” – 5 1/8”
Delivery condition Quenched and tempered at min. 590°C
Heat treatment TOOLOX 33 is not intended for further heat treatment. If TOOLOX 33 is subjected to any heat treatment above 590°C, after delivery from SSAB Oxelösund AB, no guarantees concerning the properties of the material will be given.
Testing Testing in accordance with EN 10 137-1, 10 137-2 and EN ISO 6506-1


Hardness measured on a milled surface, 0.5-2 mm below surface

Tolerances According to EN 10 029


Thickness tolerances to Class C


Flatness tolerances to Class N, steeltype L

Surface finish According to EN 10 163-2


Surface requirements to Class B


Repair conditions to Subclass 3

Technical Information (Typical Values)

Chemical Composition (typical values)

C Mn P S Si Cu Ni Cr Mo B C.E.* (typical)
0.32 1.25 0.01 0.01 0.45 0.25 0.75 0.65 0.55 0.0 0.59


Compressive Strength (typical values)

Yield Strength [PSI]
at +20°C 127,721
at +200°C 108,853


Inclusions (typical values)

Inclusion Size (equiv. diam) 6μm
Area faction 0.015%
Aspect ratio 1.2


Mechanical Properties (converted from metric)

+20°C +200°C +300°C +400°C
Tensile Strength [PSI] 142,137 150,554
Elongation, A5 [%] 15 12
Compressive Yield
Strength 116,030 PSI 168,771 PSI 110,505 PSI 15,573 PSI
Impact Energy [ft lbs] 74 125 103 120
Hardness [HRC] 30


Physical Properties (typical values)

+20°C +200°C +400°C +600°C
Thermal Conductiviy BTLMFT Hold °F 29 20 17 18
Thermal Expansion Inches/Inch Hold °F 7.27 7.27


Tempering Curve

Continuous Time-Temperature Curve for Quenching from 925°C

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