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Toolox 44

Toolox 44 is a new quenched and tempered steel designed to have high impact resistance and low residual stresses, and therefore good dimensional stability. Despite a hardness of 44 HRC, the new steel is easily machined. Toolox 44 Steel is particularly suitable for manufacturing plastic molds because it can be polished and etched with very good results. Fields of application include:

  • Machine components
  • Wear components
  • Plastic molds
  • Rubber molds
  • Press forming
  • Die cast dies
  • Forging dies
  • Coreboxes
  • Permanent molds


Despite hardness of nominal 45 HRC, this new steel is easy to machine.

Particularly suitable for manufacturing plastic molds because it can be polished and etched with very good results.

Great for guide rails, bending tools, etc. when high stability materials are required.


HardnessHardness range 41 – 47 HRC
Impact toughnessTest temperature ºF 68


Impact energy, Charpy-V-test for plate, direction

Guaranteed minimum Ft. lbs. 14

MillingAt cutting speed of 140m/mm, feed 0.15mm and 10min effective machining time using Sandvik Coromil 200 and inserts GC 1025


We guarantee maximum edge wear of 0.3mm

EtchingToolox 44 fulfills the etching requirements of NADCA 207-2003
DimensionsToolox 44 is supplied as plate in thickness between .200″ – 5 1/8″
Heat treatmentToolox 44 is not intended for further heat treatments. If Toolox 44 is heated above 590º C, no guarantees for the properties of the steel can be given.
Nitriding/coatingBelow temperature <590ºC / 1094ºF


Technical Information (Typical Values)

Chemical Composition (typical values)

CSiMnS, maxCrNiMoV
0.31%0.60%0.90%40 ppm1.35%0.700.80%0.145%


Compressive Strength (typical values)

Yield StrengthPSI
at +20°C181,300
at +200°C166,340
at +300°C162,400
at +400°C150,840


Inclusions (typical values)

Inclusion Size (equiv. diam)6μm
Area faction0.015%
Aspect ratio1.2


Mechanical Properties (typical values)

Tensile Strength, PSI210,300200,150
Yield Strength, PSI188,500174,045
Elongation, A5 [%] 1310
Impact Toughness, Typical22 ft. lbs.22 ft. lbs
Hardness [HRC]4545


Physical Properties (typical values)

 Thermal Expansion CoefficientInch/Inch F+200°C
68°F -> 750°F7.520


Gas Nitriding of Toolox 44, 60h, 510°C


Toolox 44 Steel can be machined on conventional machines. It is important that sharp tools are used with a positive cutting angle and that vibration is avoided. Use the following recommendations as guidelines and the starting point for your own evaluation of best practice.

Recommended preheat temperature when gas cutting and welding Minimum 250º C

Recommended stress relief annealing (after slow cooling to room temperature) after gas cutting and welding 580º C

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