Pile Caps and Points

In the early 60’s, Titus Steel, along with Trow Ltd and the University of Toronto Engineering department, set out to design a superior PILE POINT for both “H” piles and “PIPE” piles which would solve the problems experienced by existing pile caps and points. Namely, most piles with existing points attached were being deflected, damaged, deformed and would not seat themselves on steep bedrock slopes. After many trials of driving then “Pulling” piles/points (both “H” and “Pipe”), in Northern Canada‘s Precambrian shield, a unique design was developed and patented and is known around the world as the TITUS ROCK INJECTOR.

This design was later modified to provide a “Lighter” point for driving into less severe soil conditions and is known as the TITUS STANDARD POINT for “H” and “PIPE” piles.

These pile points are unique in design and are specified throughout the world.

  • High Quality, High Strength Steel Castings
  • Increased support and protection of web and flange
  • 40 years’ experience in all areas of Highway, Marine, Industrial construction
  • Accepted, approved, and specified on D.O.T. and M.O.T. projects

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  • The only true ROCK INJECTOR point in the world
  • Exclusive, proprietary design developed over 40 years experience driving piles in sloping rock conditions of the Pre-Cambrian Shield
  • Case hardened steel, 3 times the mass and weight of the Oslo point
  • The rock injector chips into the rock face up to 50 degrees slope and firmly seats the bearing pile
  • Static loading over 800 tons
  • Accepted, approved and specified on D.O.T. and M.O.T. projects

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  • High quality Rock Points and Shoes for concrete piles
  • Can be custom fabricated to any size
  • Up to 40″ square or round piling

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