Welding Procedure for Splicers


The Titus splicer accurately aligns the flanges and the web of the two lengths of pile. It holds them in position without danger to the workers from the pile swinging as welding is started.

  1. With the pile in a horizontal position on the ground, scarf outside edges of flanges (A), and torch out a notch (7/8” x 2-1/8”) in the web (B) to accommodate the key.
  2. Start splicer sleeve on the web and force the sleeve on until the key seats in the notch.
  3. Tack weld the flange of the sleeve © to the pile (2-1/2” weld) on both sides, starting near the end. Use 5/16” fillet weld. After several piles are prepared, turn them 180 degrees and tack weld on the opposite side. The splicer can be attached to the driven length of pile if more convenient.
  4. When a splice is to be made, hoist a prepared section into the leads, guide the sleeve into position, and force to close contact.
  5. Weld outside flanges of butting sections (D) and (E). Drive when convenient.