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Wear Resistant Steel Plates

Abrasion or Wearing of Steel destroys machinery, adds to costs, and delays production through downtime. Wear resistant steel plates can help mitigate the impact of the following 3 types of abrasion:

  1. Low-stress abrasion caused by grinding, sliding, or scraping
  2. High-stress abrasion caused by impact, blasting, scraping
  3. High-stress abrasion caused by heavy crushing or compression

To reduce wear and abrasion, the first requirement is surface hardness, and the second is resistance to shearing, tearing or cracking of the steel. The ideal Abrasion Resistant steel wear plate (AR) should have two characteristics:

  1. High initial hardness and the ability to “work-harden”, complete through hardness, a fine microstructure, good in hot and cold conditions, and corrosion resistant
  2. Good workability including ease of flame or Plasma cutting, weldability (i.e. low hydrogen rod, no pre or post-heating), formable, and easy machining

These properties can only be achieved through chemistry (carbon, manganese, boron, chrome etc) and heat treatment (air, water, oil quenching).

Most AR Steel wear-resistant steel plates are air quenched, which provides a very poor microstructure prone to cracking and tearing. Their chemistry makes them very difficult to machine or form.

TITUS WEAR-RESISTANT STEEL PLATES solve the problem of severe abrasion and impact with the added feature of easy processing.

Titus Wear-Resistant Steel Plates have an optimally enriched chemical composition, superior and expensive oil quenching, work-harden to 560 BHN, high shear and tearing resistance, complete through hardness, are excellent in hot and cold conditions and are corrosion resistant. Our wear-resistant steel plates are machinable and formable and require no pre or post-heating.

Examples of Our Wear Resistant Steel Plates

  • High IMPACT applications with some sliding abrasion
  • Work Hardens to 550 BHN
  • Weld with low hydrogen rod
  • No pre or post heating

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  • High SLIDING applications with some impact
  • Titanium carbides
  • Work hardens to 550 BHN
  • Reduced cracking vs overlay products
  • ½ cost of overlay products

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  • ENDURA backing plate with 550 BHN
  • ENDURA Cr withstands deformation better than regular CCO plate due to ENDURA’s homogeneous micro structure and TRIP effect (transformation induced by plasticity)
  • ENDURA’s high yield (195 ksi) and tensile strength (240 ksi)
  • Outstanding performance at elevated temperatures of 350 C (660 F)
  • Can be formed, welded and machined

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  • Surface hardness up to 70 HRC (760 HB)
  • Through hardness up to 44 HRC (415 HB)
  • Yield 190 Ksi
  • Tensile 220 Ksi
  • Ideal for high heat applications

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  • Reduce downtime by 50-75%
  • Ensure continuous production over a longer period of time
  • Outperform AR 400-500 steels by as much as 2-3 times

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  • High IMPACT applications
  • Work hardens from 200 to 550 BHN with IMPACT
  • Non-magnetic (austenitic)
  • Hadfield specification
  • Plate and bars

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  • Sever sliding abrasion applications
  • 10 times wear resistance of mild steel
  • 480-520 BHN
  • Plate & bars

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  • Extreme sliding abrasion
  • 15 times wear resistance of mild steel
  • 570-630 BHN
  • Plate & bars

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