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The Premiere Wear Resistant and Work Hardening New ENDURA Steel

If you require a steel which is very tough, very hard, very abrasion resistant, easy to process and weld, and is competitively priced, then TITUS ENDURA STEEL is the answer.

ENDURA Steel Advantages

  1. Best Wear Resistance of any abrasion resistant plate
    • 8 times greater wear than mild steel
    • 2-4 times greater life than conventional 500 BHN steels
  2. Reduce plate thickness up to 25% vs AR 500 (ie. 2″ -> 1.5″)
  3. Ability to “Work Harden” from 470 BHN to 560 BHN
  4. Ease of processing compared to conventional 500 BHN steels
  5. Can be welded with Low Hydrogen Rod providing a major cost saving
  6. No pre or post heating required for welding

Micro Structure

Due to precise and uniform addition of nickel, chrome, and molybdenum, ENDURA has:

  • Superior Wear Ability
  • Superior Work-Hardening
  • Superior Work Ability
  • Superior Weld Ability
  • Thinner Plate Thickness

Trip Effect

ENDURA’s unique Micro Structure is uniform and homogenous making it highly abrasion resistant. This is due in part, to the fact that ENDURA Steel is “oil- quenched’ during heat treatment. Conventional AR 500 steels are “water-quenched” resulting in an irregular and distorted micro structure.



ENDURA’s revolutionary T.R.I.P. effect (Transformation Induced by Plasticity) reduces tearing, shearing, and chip removal.

180 Ksi
(1,250 MPa)
235 Ksi
(1,630 MPa)
> 32 ft. lbs.
> 55 J/cm2
470 -> 560
5o -> 55 (RCH)

ENDURA vs AR 500


ENDURA is OIL QUENCHED resulting in a “fine Homogenous Micro Structure” for improved hardness and easier processing. Small and even dispersion of Carbides provides hardness and abrasion resistance, less brittleness and less cracking. Homogenous Micro Structure also provides “elasticity effect” which limits gouging, tearing and shearing. Limited amount of “Unstable or Retained Austenite” reduces chipping and cracking.

AR 500 is WATER QUENCHED resulting in a “course non homogenous microstructure”. Large and uneven dispersion of carbides provides embrittling effect prone to cracking Pockets of “Unstable or Retained Austenite” causes chipping and cracking.

Plate thickness can be reduced up to 25% vs AR 500 (i.e. 2″ -> 1½), saving costs and increasing payload.

AR 500.

ENDURA is 60% more Chrome for hardness and corrosion resistance. Limited Phosphorous for easier processing and weldability.

ENDURA180 Ksi235 Ksi12%32 ft. lbs.470 -> 560
AR 500165 Ksi215 Ksi8%20 ft. lbs.480 -> 500

Please Note:

ENDURA’s work-hardening properties – Lower initial hardness for easier processing, but increases 50-70 brinell points with impact.

ENDURA is 1/3 more resistant to impact and cracking.

ENDURA is 7% tougher before ultimate failure of the steel.

ENDURA has 5-6% more resistance before deformation of the steel begins.

ENDURA is 50% more elastic thereby reducing cracking and breaking.

ENDURARadius = 5 times ThicknessNo pre or post heating required up to 2″Possible with High Speed tools
AR 500Radius = 7 times ThicknessPre and post heating required on ALL thicknessTungsten carbide tools only

Please Note: ENDURA is easier to bend and less prone to cracking

Bending radius can be reduced by bending at right angles to the grain or direction of rolling

In Service Performance

Actual Field Test … Terra Mining… Rebuild Bucket

# Rebuilds/Year36.5
Material Cost$45,000$65,000
Lost Production$11,355$24,602
Total Cost$79,455$139,652

SAVINGS: $61,197 (44%)

Actual Field Test … BARRICK GOLD CORP … Bucket LIP

Plate Size1”1 ¼”
Tons of Production48,50030,000


Actual Field Test … IRON ORE COMPANY … Liners Tripper car

Months of Service4022
Cost of Liners$2,466$9,248


Actual Field Test … Steel Mill Jaw Crusher Screen

Furnace SlagENDURAAR 500
Months of Service163
Production8 million cu yards1 ½ million yards

Actual Field Test … Shingle Grinding Screen

Furnace SlagENDURAAR 500
Months of Service96 hours32 hours

ENDURA Premium Wear-Resistant and Work Hardening Plate

  • Combines sliding abrasion & impact resistance
  • Surface work-hardens from 470 to 560 Brinell
  • Plate thickness can be reduced up to 25% vs AR 500
  • Cut & weld with low-hydrogen rod
  • No pre/post heating necessary
  • Higher tolerance to high-heat applications
  • Out-performs AR400 & AR500
  • Liners for Chutes, Hoppers, Loader Buckets, truck Beds, Crushers
  • Lips & Liners for Shovel Buckets, Drag Line Buckets, Cone Crushers
  • Jaw Crusher Cheek Plates
  • Transfer Points
  • High-heat Application – Cement Plates
  • Asphalt Plant Ductwork
  • Cutting Edges
  • Hammers
  • Underground Miners
  • Screen Decks, Shaker Screens, Perforated Wear Screens
  • Pulp & Paper: Debarkers, Bark Conveyors, Wood Chip-pers, Screens

Available in Ultra-thin 4mm up to 3”

Technical & Mechanical Comparison

OperationENDURAManganese (Manganal)AR 500

Minimum bending radius



Minimum rolling

r ≥ 6 t
Perpendicular to Grain
d ≥ 40 t
r ≥ 1.5 t
Perpendicular to Grain Not Recommended
r ≥ 9 t
Perpendicular to Grain Not Recommended
Ct combined thickness
(Welding Energy: about 15 J/cm)
No preheating
Up to Ct = 50 mm (2”)
Never preheat
e < 20 kj/cm
Preheating for every thickness
Heat Cutting
(oxygen cutting, plasma…)
No preheating


Up to Ct = 40 mm (1.6”)


Cut underwater to reduce heat affected zone

No preheating


Cut underwater to reduce heat affected zone

Preheating for every thickness


Cut underwater to reduce heat affected zone

Drilling, Milling …
Tungsten Carbide – Tools or high speed steel with tip in tungsten carbideTungsten Carbide – Tools or high speed steel with tip in tungsten carbideTungsten Carbide – Tools or high speed steel with tip in tungsten carbide
Impact Resistance
Toughness KCV at – 20C (-4 F)
Guarantee: > 40 J/sq cm


( > 23.6 ft – lb)


Typical Value: 55 J/ sq. cm


(32 ft – lbs)

Guarantee: > 40 J/sq cm


( > 23.6 ft – lb)


Typical Value: 55 J/ sq. cm


(32 ft – lbs)

About 30 J/sq. cm.


(18 ft – lbs)

Wear Resistance
(on an average)
About 8 times longer than mild steelAbout 10 times longer than mild steel with impactAbout 5 times longer than mild steel


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