A revolutionary hybrid alloy of steel with:

  • Surface hardness up to 70 HRC (760 HB)
  • Through hardness up to 44 HRC (415 HB)
  • Yield 190 Ksi
  • Tensile 220 Ksi
  • Ideal for high heat applications

For recycling and severe wear applications:

  • Hammers
  • Pins
  • Grates

ENDURA Nitro Hammer Pins

Standard hammer pin after 50,000 production tons.

ENDURA  hammer pin after 50,000 productions tons

  • Medical waste crusher
  • Crushes a variety of different types of medical waste Very high abrasion with some impact
  • Very short lifetime on original hammers
  • Expensive and time consuming process involved in continuously resurfacing hammers on weekly basis


  1. 4140 “Hard Faced”: 41 hours of production
  2. Manganese: 42 hours of production
  3. ENDURA: 170 hours of production

ENDURA Nitro Grates

Designed and engineered for shingle grinder.

Actual Experience:

  • 65% fewer grates
  • 65% less down time
  • 5% more annual production

Save… $50,000 per year

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