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The Next Generation of Steel Grizzly Screens

Steel grizzly screens and grates probably suffer more abuse than just about any other piece of equipment. They suffer constant impacts and abrasions during every moment of their use. That’s why they tend to wear out much faster and result in a lot of downtime when they break.

At Titus Steel, we can cut that downtime with grizzlies made from our ENDURA and ENDURA Dual steel. These unique and advanced abrasion–resistant steels can outperform AR 400-500 steels by as much as 2-3 times.

ENDURA and ENDURA Dual with Titanium Carbides are an evolution in wear steel for grizzly screens. They will significantly reduce downtime by 50-75% and ensure continuous production over a longer period of time.

Unique Design Increases Grizzly Screen Life

The material isn’t the only thing making these steel grizzly screens so durable. Our unique “TOP CAP” 1-piece design increases life, provides easy replacement, and is stronger and longer lasting than conventional grizzly screens using bearing bars and cross bars.

Our grizzly decks, scalping screens, and grates are custom made to order to replace worn, cracked, or broken screens and grates.

Proven in the Toughest Grizzly Screen, Deck, and Grate Applications

As a Mine Manager from large gold mine once said…  “The cost of ENDURA grizzly decks is not the problem. Shutting down the entire production line is the problem!”

ENDURA and ENDURA Dual are ideal for some of the toughest grizzly decks, screens and grates out there. Some uses include:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Foundry
  • Iron Making
  • Glass Recycling
  • Quarries
  • Cement Plants
  • Tire Shredders

You can’t avoid downtime. But you can keep it to a minimum by using ENDURA and ENDURA Dual for all your high-impact, high-wear, high-abrasion parts.

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