The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

In our many years of experience in this industry, we have found that some purchasing managers tend to forget this truism when buying abrasion resistant steel materials for their operations. On occasion, some may believe that by paying the lowest price, they are helping to lower production costs and ultimately, make more profit.

At Titus Steel, we have noted that this mindset fails to consider the out-of-pocket costs of employing poor or low quality materials leading to rejected parts, reworking product and stoppages in the production line which, in many cases, means the entire factory shuts down. These actual costs quite often exceed the savings that are made by purchasing low priced, low quality materials.

Keep Your Production Line Running with High Quality Abrasion Resistant Steel

For a moment, let’s consider a production line that includes conveyors, shoots and transfer points. One tiny hole in a single piece of poor quality steel will inevitably force a shutdown and idle the entire production line while the hole is located and the repair is made. Higher quality, longer lasting more expensive steel reduces downtime and actually makes money for the company.

Purchasing managers may wish to consider frequently walking around their plant and talking to their production teams to learn about the problems they are experiencing with the steel they are handling. We believe this may assist them in weighing the cost of downtime when considering rejecting a higher quality, longer lasting and more expensive material.

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