Tool steels like Toolox 33 Steel and Toolox 44 Steel are designed to be made into tools, hence the name. Specifically, they are designed to be very hard, to resist deformation, resist wearing and, in some cases, to hold an edge. Toolox Steel is used to make tools for cutting, pressing, extruding, injection molding and to form other materials into tools.

Tool Steels Can Be Divided Into 5 Groups

  1. Cold work
  2. Shock-resistant
  3. High speed
  4. Hot work
  5. Special purpose

The type of tool steel to be selected for a specific application depends on cost, working temperature, hardness, strength and toughness of the tool or part.

Why Is Toolox Steel The Best Tool Steel Choice?

Some tool steels are relatively soft and easily machined, but then must be heat treated to make them hard. However, the heat treatment process “dimensionally moves” the part and it must be re-machined to meet tolerances.

Pre-hardened tool steels like Toolox 33 Steel and Toolox 44 Steel can be an answer. These Toolox steels have been pre-hardened at the mill during the steel making process. They are somewhat more difficult to machine but do not require any re-work. Toolox 33 Steel and Toolox 44 Steel are pre-hardened to 33 and 44 Rockwell respectively.

What Is The Benefit of Pre-Hardened, Toolox Steel?

The basic idea is to save time by delivering Toolox Steel already heat treated, resulting in lower cost, reduced risk in machining, very weldable, perfect for nitriding (i.e. additional hardening), dimensional stability, superior wear resistance at high temperatures, and resistance to cracking.


Toolox Steels are the hardest pre-hardened tool steels in the world. Looking for the perfect tool steel? Contact us today to find out more about our high-quality steel and to receive a personalized quote.