All steel supplied by Titus Steel / Dynamic Armor is subject to the warranty and quality control standards of the mill as tested and detailed in the Mill Certificate / Report (MTR) provided by the mill for each specific heat #. Said MTR complies with the applicable ASTM or EN standard specified for that grade of steel. Titus Steel / Dynamic Armor warrants to only sell steel that is accompanied by an applicable and recognized MTR and will supply said MTR upon request.

Beyond the above warranty there is no expressed or implied warranty for steel plate. If there is a discrepancy with the steel delivered, Titus Steel / Dynamic Armor will investigate and make every possible effort to resolve the discrepancy.


Legal Disclaimer

Notice: Due to the wide variety of projectiles and the fact that ballistic performance is not a quantitative science, Dynamic Armor makes no guarantee or warranties as to the ballistic capabilities of Dynamic Armor plate. Dynamic Armor personnel will provide mill certificates and independent 3rd party ballistic test results, on a heat-lot basis, to demonstrate the typical ballistic performance against various ballistic standards, which can be used as a guide in material selection.


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