Manganese steel, also known as Hadfield steel or mangalloy, is a type of alloy steel that contains a high amount of manganese, about 11 to 15%, and smaller amounts of carbon, ranging anywhere from 1 to 1.4%.

Manganese steel is renowned for its exceptional toughness, wear resistance, and work hardening abilities, making it suitable for applications involving heavy impact, abrasive wear, and shock.

Key Characteristics of Manganese Steel

Work Hardening: The hardness and strength of manganese steel can increase through deformation – a process known as work hardening or strain hardening. As the steel is subjected to impact or pressure, it becomes progressively harder, which enhances its wear resistance and toughness.

High Impact Resistance: Manganese steel is particularly effective in applications where materials experience heavy impact, such as crushing machinery and equipment in mining and construction. The work hardening property of manganese steel helps it absorb shock and impact without deforming or fracturing.

Abrasion Resistance: Due to its high manganese content, this steel is highly resistant to abrasion and wear caused by the rubbing or scraping of materials against its surface. This makes it suitable for applications involving abrasive materials.

Low Temperature Brittle Transition: Manganese steel can become brittle at very low temperatures, so its use might be limited in extremely cold environments.

Manganese Steel Applications

This particular steel can be found across various industries and used in many high impact environments. Currently, more uses are being developed for manganese steel because of its high strength at very low temperatures.

Mining Industry: Manganese steel is used in the production of mining equipment such as rock crushers, impact hammers, and drilling components due to its ability to withstand heavy impact and abrasion.

Construction Industry: It is used in parts of construction machinery such as bulldozer blades, excavator buckets, and crusher jaws.

Railroad Industry: Manganese steel is used in parts of rail equipment exposed to high levels of wear and impact, such as crossings and switch points.

Cement Industry: This steel can be found in the components of cement mixers and crushers due to its durability against abrasion and impact.

Shot Blast Equipment: Manganese steel is used in shot blast machines and related equipment that experience significant abrasion from abrasive materials.

Titus Manganese Steel

Titus Steel offers Manganese Steel, or Manganal, containing between 11 and 14% manganese.  It is available in plates ranging from 3mm to 4” in thickness and plate sizes from 48×96” up 96×288”.

Titus Manganese Steel is also available in round bars and flat bars and stocked across locations in Canada and the US.

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