There are three factors which determine how a wear resistant steel should be utilized. Hardness is a steel’s ability to withstand friction or wearing away by material sliding over its surface. Toughness is a steel’s ability to withstand impact or hitting. However, ideal hardness also requires ductility which allows the material to deform before cracking or breaking.

What Is The Best Wear Resistant Steel For High Impact?

Titus Manganese is a great steel for toughness but not very good for initial hardness. It starts out with a hardness of only 250 Brinell, which is very low. Unless it is impacted, the steel will quickly wear away. However, with impact, it will work harden to over 550 Brinell. In other words, with impact, it will become twice as hard and very tough, making it the perfect wear resistant steel choice for use in high-impact environments.

If You’re Looking For a Versatile Wear Resistant Steel, Try ENDURA

ENDURA and ENDURA Dual with titanium carbides are the top two wear resistant steels for hardness, toughness and ductility. Both steels start out very hard with a Brinell of around 450. With impact, they will work harden to approximately 560 Brinell. This makes them very good for applications where there is both sliding abrasion and impact abrasion.

In addition, ENDURA and ENDURA DUAL with Titanium carbides also have a revolutionary metallurgical phenomenon known as the TRIP effect (Transformation Induced by Plasticity), which is achieved by the spontaneous rearrangement of metallic atoms under stress.

The best way to explain TRIP effect is to think of catching a baseball. If you hold your hand in a rigid position, the ball will crash into and damage your hand. Now imagine letting your hand “give a little” as you catch the ball, like a trampoline. This results in a great reduction in the damage to your hand. This is the TRIP EFFECT of ENDURA which makes it ductile and is the reason ENDURA out lasts all of the lesser impact and wear resistant steels.

Curious About Wear Resistant Steel?

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