Impact resistance in wear resistant steel is usually defined as the amount of energy that a material can withstand when it is suddenly hit with a load or force. Think in terms of a steel plate or steel parts being hit by a very hard object like rocks hitting a grizzly screen. It is measured as the amount of force required to crack or deform the steel, and is measured in foot-pounds per inch or joules per centimeter.

The Three Most Important Factors to Increasing Impact Resistance Are…

  1. Chemical composition
  2. Heat treating
  3. Alloys

Why Does Wear Resistant Steel Need Impact Resistance?

Simply put, if the steel plate or part can withstand high amounts of impact without cracking, it will result in less down time for repairs or replacement and more production. Consequently, the cost of a high impact wear resistant steel becomes almost irrelevant.

ENDURA wear resistant steel is a unique steel that is 8 times more wear and impact resistant than mild steel. It starts off as a relatively low hardness steel but “work hardens” with repeated impact, transforming into a very high hardness steel.

Why Is ENDURA Wear Resistant Steel So Impact Resistant?

ENDURA And ENDURA DUAL with titanium carbides derive much of their impact resistance due to the heat treatment and quenching in oil rather than water. This makes their microstructure very homogeneous. Think of dropping pick-up sticks, the sticks are a jumble. Now, imagine the sticks are laid down together in a row beside each other. That is why ENDURA and ENDURA DUAL wear resistant steel limit tearing, shearing, and gouging when impacted.

The TRIP Effect Sets ENDURA Wear Resistant Steel Apart

ENDURA and ENDUAR DUAL wear resistant steel also have a revolutionary metallurgical phenomenon known as the TRIP effect (Transformation Induced by Plasticity) which is achieved by the spontaneous rearrangement of metallic atoms under stress.

Think of catching a baseball. You hold your hand in a rigid position and the ball crashes into and damages your hand. Now imagine letting your hand “give a little” as you catch the ball, like a trampoline. This results in a great reduction in the damage to your hand. This is the TRIP effect of ENDURA wear resistant steel. When rocks, gravel and other abrasive materials smash and crash, ENDURA out lasts all of the lesser impact and wear resistant steels.

ENDURA wear resistant steel is a unique steel, easy to process, homogeneous microstructure, with TRIP effect and work hardening to a very high level when in service. Contact us today if you’re interested in purchasing ENDURA steel for your project.